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Starting to Feel Like James Bond

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Fri, Dec 25, 2015 @ 08:50 AM

007 has nothing on me or any other marketing consultant. Don't believe me? Let's compare "To Do" lists:

Bond chases women and often gets them killed. I chase kids and manage to keep them alive.

He is a rogue agent who deals in complex political environments, double agents, espionage and intrigue at work. So do I.

We both get recruited to do the toughest jobs. What we do requires intricate planning, flawless timing, and impeccable execution.

007 has to push back on "M" and "Q". I have to deal with bosses and sales development reps. He has to deal with the backlash of public opinion, I have to push marketing pros to blog properly, so they can succeed in the internet age.

Bond is trusted with protecting political figureheads, I hire influencers to personalize my client's product experience.

He's trained to use a sig, glock, and exploding pen. I'm trained to use hubspot,, and social media.

007 has to choose his words carefully, I have to write creatively.

His goal is to keep the world from coming to an end. My job is to increase revenue for tech companies.

We both innovate to solve problems on the fly. He has to stop the bad guys; I create desirable offers to get client products sold in a sea of competitors.

007 has to blend into foreign landscapes, I have to blend in at foreign companies.

We both use every tool available to achieve mission objectives.

We both use software to monitor suspect activity and to find out what our competitors are saying. We both use analytics to track performance and make improvements. We both use video, knowledge of the internet, and experts to make sure our side wins.

We both cook, use photography, travel in foreign countries, and work out to stay in shape. Okay he's in better shape, but here's where I blow past him:

Keyword strategy, answering objections in the sales funnel, blogging, SEO, topic clusters, lead scoring, lead nurturing, google search console, email, Account Based Marketing, competitive landscape, Return on Investment, multi-channel analytics, and technical feasibility offers.

Every day is a race to the finish for James Bond and for me, but we both make time for people we love.

Bond orders room service at the end of a long day while I check analytics and report to superiors.

007 leads an exciting life; I do too, Marketing consultants just work a lot more hours. Merry Christmas. I am going to go make brunch for 14 people. My team is setting tables and planting flowers. What do you think James bond is doing at 8:30 am on Christmas morning? Do you think he is having a martini shaken, not stirred?

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