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Why Do We Need a Go-to-Market Strategy?

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Sep 27, 2022 @ 01:56 PM

What is a Go-to-Market Strategy?

A Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy should identify a market problem and position the product as a solution.

GTM Strategy is a roadmap that measures the viability of a solution's success and predicts it's performance based on market research including, but not limited to:

  1. Customer needs
    • including pain points solved and applications for our product
    • what prospects are willing to pay for a solution to these problems
  2. Market landscape and sizing
  3. ROI Analysis
  4. Business case
  5. Prior examples of related product launches
  6. Competitive data
  7. Target Verticals and Personas
  8. Positioning and Messaging
  9. Marketing channels to get message out there
  10. Content, to answer questions, drive deamand, and prove value
  11. Sales Channels 
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