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How do Bay Area Inbound Marketing Consultants Increase Revenue So Quickly?

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Sep 26, 2017 @ 12:29 PM

cash-increase.jpgA lot of companies want to understand exactly what we can do for them to increase revenue quickly.

This article is a detailed statement of work or proposal for services we generally perform for startups to mid-size tech companies to increase their bottom line revenue in just three to six months. We use the marketing they have already have in place, then plug in our expertise to do the pieces whereever we see a potential for increase via inbound marketing best practices.

 Typically, we make a significant impact on revenue in just three months. 

Bay Area Inbound Marketing Consulting Proposal for Customer X

Bay Area Inbound (BAI) will perform marketing consulting and digital marketing consulting services for Customer X such as the following:

  • Inbound Marketing Strategy (Total 12-14 hours)
    • Nail down target market ie "Who is your target customer?" Talk to Product Management, Execs, and understand your market and review your positioning.
    • Talk with Sales to get named account targets and to find out what a Marketing Qualified Lead is in their mind, ie Sales says a MQL is “a marketing qualified lead is someone who is willing to attend a demo because they have a high likelihood of closing in a sale.” Additionally, find out from sales where bottle-necks are in sales process to correct with ed offers  (1-2 hours)
    • Identify where your audience lives online, create master list to use forever for publishing content. (4 hours)
    • Search google, blogs, forums to create master list of where customers and prospects live online. (4 hours)
    • Competitive analysis of competitor's websites using hubspot or other tool to analyze their topics, keywords, and traffic for them (4 hours)
    • List of customer pain points to identify key search terms (4 hours)
      • Search to create list of exact terminology Prospects are using on their pain points, copy and paste their exact text such as, “How do I get new clients?”
  • Brainstorm educational offers, content calendar milestones and publishing schedule, blog titles, lead nurturing sequence from master list (1 -2 hours each times 10 hours= 20 hours)
  • Create Dashboards to Track Metrics (estimate 1 to 3 days)
    • Emails: Open rate, Click rate, download rate,
    • Close in Sales rate by offer and by Channel
    • Traffic by channel, ie organic traffic, social media, email, blog
    • Track Offer Landing Page downloads, conversion rates, Cost per Lead and Cost Per Sale (most prospects do 5 downloads before they convert to sales)
    • Website Tracking Code (2 hours to train web designer and produce code)
      • Install tracking code for Hubspot and Google on every website page, landing page, and blog article created (website designer will do this then I will add code to new blog articles and landing pages as created)
  • Create CTA buttons for all educational offers with web designer for $250-$300 each (1 day with good designer)
  • Manage creation of Educational Offers to educate target prospects and answer all relevant questions in the sales funnel such as "proof of ROI", competitive landscape, and technical feasibility (3 to 5 days each)
    • Top of the Funnel offers:
      • For Dummies book “Portfolio and Project Management Software for Dummies” $20K to for Dummies vendor, gives 5K downloadable and paper copies as giveaways for trade shows (2 to 4 days work for BAI, get copy right, manage process with vendor)
      • Video-Animated that talks about your customers biggest pain points and shows exactly how your software solves them $12k Candadian Vendor (2 to 3 days work for me)
    • Middle of the Sales Funnel Offers
      • Create ROI Justification to prove reward for buying your company's product or service.
      • Baby Step them through technical feasibility with different offers such as:
        • Weekly Jumpstart Webinar (40 hours to create, but very effective at closing sales)
        • Case Studies (1 to 2 days labor, need customer quotes and approvals)
        • Free Trial (often in place now)
      • Talk with Sales (last offer) 
    • Create Sales Funnel Bottleneck-Buster Offers
      • Games, Kits, Infographics, white papers, or anything specific that answers questions where your prospects are stalling in Sales Cycle. Interview Sales to find out where bottle necks are. (usually 3-5 days each)
  • iframe code for CTAs with Landing Pages for educational offers on website
    • Use Offers in 6 ways: 1) drop directly onto social media, 2) in blog articles, 3) on website, 4) in lead nurturing campaigns, 5) in email blasts, 6) In Sales emails to shorten sales cycles by addressing objections
  • Email blast offers to bigger list (2 days a piece)
  • Marketing Automation: Create landing pages, return screens, thank you pages, automated emails (2-3 days per offer)
  • Buy bigger lists if necessary (1-2 days) Email blasting is outbound, obviously.
  • Create lead nurturing campaigns (1-2 days each when all offers are done)
  • Create Lead scoring (1 to 2 days)
  • Create Blog (2 days and 4 to 8 hours weekly moving forward)
    • Create template to insure Proper SEO to drive organic Traffic if using wordpress as opposed to Hubspot ie. which has built-in blogging tool - Install modules for Wordpress to insure all 6 SEO markers including keywords in H1 and H2 Headers in text, on alt-tag of graphics, social media icons, comments section, authors, meta descriptions are always included when posting articles.
    • Blog bi-weekly on market trends, issues concerning customers using exact phrases they will search for such as “What is the best way to get coaching clients?”, on events, awards, market landscape, occasional articles on your Executive Leadership.
      • Publish articles to all customer-well-known spots from Master List we created.
      • Email blast new articles to lists if desired, 1 day
      • 2 hours to share on social media
  • Increase Social Media Followers (2-4 days)
    • Increase Number of followers on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, pay for ads only if we get new followers, $1000 budget each for followers on Linkedin and Twitter (2 days)
    • Every time we publish articles, send link to employees and ask them to open link and click across the social media icons on the top of the articles (half hour)
    • Track opens and download from sharing offers onto social media by creating landing pages with tracking code per social media channel (clone from original, create tracking code=2 hours)

There you have it, a brief outline of strategy and tactics we use to get your lean-mean-lead-generation machine up and increasing revenue in just three months. All client needs vary, and we always do other marketing our clients request on each engagement such as PR and events, but we find the channels outlined above out perform all other channels for return-on-investment and to quickly increase traffic, leads, and sales.

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