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Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of Hubspot

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Oct 13, 2020 @ 03:39 PM

I've owned my Hubspot portal for ten years now. It helps me to market my own marketing consulting services, and be an expert on how to do digital marketing for my employers. 

Getting trained in digital marketing ten years ago enabled me to catch one of the most important waves of marketing in this century. Using Hubspot is just a small part of my job, but it really helps to know the tool well, to do the best job I can for my employers.

Tricks to Getting the Most Out of Hubspot:

1) Take the Success Academy Training

You are undoubtedly busy, like I am, but take the Hubspot training anyway, it's worth it.

Best practices training saves time in the long run, so you don't need to run endless experiments and will see better results right away in your marketing efforts.

2) Google for Articles on "How to" and Don't Forget to Add the Word "Hubspot"

Hubspot has a huge Learning Academy Library, so you can often find help to your questions online, but make sure you mention "Hubspot" in your search or your search results will bring up a lot of articles from random authors of dubious expertise.

3) Use the Search Bar within Hubspot 

One of the best ways to find the screens you need in Hubspot is to use the internal search bar, it will pop up links to the screens that correspond to functionality.

Sometimes that tool doesn't bring up what you need, so you will need to call tech support to find something, because they move everything around every year.

4) Call Tech Support When You Need Help

Hubspot subscriptions come with unlimited tech support, so use it, if you run into a stumbling block. I still use it, and I almost always learn something when I call in, that makes me do a better job for my employers.

5) Honestly, Sometimes You Have to Call Back 

Sometimes when I call tech support, I get someone who doesn't know as much as I do about Hubspot, SEO, or Marketing best practices. That's Ok, if I get someone I feel didn't help me with what I needed, I just call back, unless we agree it is something technical that requires them to open a ticket and get higher level tech support involved. 

6) If They Say No to Fix a Bug, Escalate Through Your Customer Success Team

I ran into a situation this week where I escalated within tech support, but they kept pushing back and telling me to work with my developer, then work with facebook. I talked to my developer and he felt it was a Hubspot issue.

So I talked to my customer success team who helped me escalate to Product Management within Hubspot, which will work with facebook (or other vendors) to figure out a solution that can then be used for all Hubspotters. So it's a win/win for both Hubspot and me.

7) Be Specific, Take Screen Shots of the Problem

I find it really helps when working on a ticket to be specific about the issue and document things I'm trying, that aren't working, with screen shots. It keeps their technical team up to date, and saves everyone time.

8) Be Part of the Solution and Try the Things They Suggest

Often I can solve a problem because of things people at Hubspot tell me and things I know already about SEO, networking, or what I've been doing with my own website and Hubspot portal. It's important to be part of the solution to keep things moving forward to finding a resolution.

9) Keep it Professional, Just Don't Take No for An Answer

If someone is upset that you are escalating and tries to make it personal, don't engage. If someone says no, don't take no for an answer. Yes, all those things might happen, even at Hubspot.

10) No Excuses, Get it Done!

I remember a sign posted in the software QA lab in Proxim, it said, "NO EXCUSES, GET IT DONE!"

That's always been my mantra in life, as well. Anyone who does digital marketing will tell you, that you run into hiccups now and then that have to be fixed.

Hubspot integrates most things you can do for demand generation marketing which all roll up to reports and dashboards that monitor analytics (performance) continuously, so it's a great all-in-one-marketing tool.

It's the best marketing automation platform in the market, in my opinion, and I'm also certified on Marketo and Pardot, but it's important to know how to get the most out of Hubspot.



Laurie is Principal at BAI Marketing Consulting, an agency that specializes in digital marketing for tech companies.


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