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Posted by Laurie Monahan on Fri, Nov 11, 2011 @ 09:59 AM

Demand Generation is important for any company today to compete in an internet-based sales world. And Inbound Marketing is the most effective method. Many tools make up inbound marketing, but below I touch briefly on 3 of them, Calls-to-Action, Landing Pages, and Lead Nurturing. Marketing Automation software like Hubspot and Marketo make all these things easy. But let's talk about a few basics to get started.

Calls-to-Action are buttons that advertise educational giveaways on your website like informational ebooks, promotions, and giveaways help customers move forward in the Sales Process…

As you know, after you get a customer to your site, you have only about 15 seconds before they decide that they have landed on the right page and that the information you list is going to address their current search criteria.

If they like what they see, they start to look deeper to find information on the product or service they were looking for. If you offer a promotion or giveaway that interests them or if you ask them to download your free information book on your product, your company can in return ask them for their contact information and capture information on the very specific promotion or offer which caught their attention on a Landing Page.

And voila, you capture their contact info and now have a WARM LEAD.

The Lead can then be nurtured via other promotions and events moving them down the sales funnel using automated internet marketing. When the customer rates high for probability of sale (through Hubspot's Lead Nurturing Tool), the contact can be called directly by Inside Sales to see if there are any questions or objections or additional information needed to help the customer move forward from a lead into an actual sale.

Take Away

Because your customers have other competing priorities, giving the customer frequent touches reminds them of your product or service for their budget planning and moves them forward with your mutual agendas. Most people don’t make a major purchase without multiple touches, so by proactively getting their contact info via calls-to-action and landing pages and giving them more information through lead nurturing, you move them closer to their sale.

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Why Calls to Action and  Lead Nurturing

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