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Blogging 101 Plus a Few Tricks; Bay Area Inbound in SF

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Thu, May 16, 2013 @ 07:09 PM

This is a little lesson on blogging to help your business increase website traffic and leads.

The blog I wrote this week on "The Impressive Character of SF Giant Brett Pill; Bay Area Inbound" increased my website traffic by 144%. It got 435 reads and 157 likes, which increased my website rankings with google, which means google will pull my site up higher in a search against my competitors when someone is looking for an "inbound marketing consultant in the Bay Area".

I will probably get 1200 more reads over time on that article based on past performance of other articles. Not every article is a homerun like that one, but if you do enough of them you will steadily increase traffic and leads to your site. Which will also increase sales as you then nurture those leads down the sales funnel.

When ranking your website against your competitors, Google uses search spiders and a complex algorithm to look for things like website traffic, likes, shares, target keywords, and comments to determine your relative ranking for keywords targeted in each search by your prospective customers.

For example, when someone searches for "Bay Area Inbound Marketing" on google, my site, will come to the top because of targeting the keywords "Bay Area Inbound" so many times on my site with blog articles with the target keyword Bay Area Inbound.

The article two days ago on SF Giant Brett Pill was for fun, but it still contained the target keywords "Bay Area Inbound" in the title, the text, the alt tags for pictures, the keyword tags, the meta description, and meta tags, so it will still increase my traffic for my target keywords "Bay Area Inbound Marketing" even though it didn't directly focus on inbound marketing.

This particular article appeals to groups that focus on SF Giants and Brett Pill, but it is equally easy for me to write targeted articles that will appeal to groups interested in things like technology, marketing, inbound marketing, travel, parenting etc. to get a lot of likes and reads on my blog articles. Strangely my personal articles often get more interest and likes than business related articles, ha!

I always put a statement about my company's core competencies, contact info, and Call-To-Action buttons on the bottom of articles with offers to entice blog readers to give me their contact info after reading the article.

When they fill the form to get the offer, I can send them more offers of a similiar nature and educate them on my products and services to bring them further down the sales funnel towards closing business and making the sale. You can usually count on about one lead per 90 or 100 visitors to your website.

Hope this little lesson taught you a few blogging fundamentals and a few of the tricks I've picked up along the way at getting ranked at the top and staying there against other inbound marketers, who do what I do, in the top inbound marketing market in the world, SF Bay Area.

Thanks for reading, now please, like or share my article with your friends so they can get their companies to the top of a relevant search and increase their website traffic, leads, and sales too!












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