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Top Ten Things to Do to Increase Sales via Inbound Marketing

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Apr 16, 2013 @ 07:00 PM

Let me get to the punch line, this blog article describes the top ten things you can do now on your website to increase your sales today.

Old outbound methods of marketing are like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And things have changed, Sales Cold-Calling and Interrupt Marketing don't really work any more. People are blocking the thousands of unwanted messages they are bombarded with each day using technology like caller id, spam filters, and the good old waste basket; They are doing it out of self-preservation.

So how do you get to the customers that want or need your products or services?

What I describe below is a fail-proof method to get people who need and want your your company's offerings to find you. Sound amazing? It's true. Really. I'm not going to lie to you, it takes time, between 3 to 6 months, and a lot of work goes into building one of these lead generation machines, but they work, and they work forever!!!

So here goes, 10 things you need to do to increase Sales via Inbound Marketing:

1) Blog

I've been told, people don't read blogs. Really? I get 550 to 700 visitors to my site every month because people find my site via google searches because I have about 357 ranked pages on my website. My website is about 100 pages, the other 250 pages are my blog, which I've been working on for two years.

Many months, I am only able to  blog once a month, because I'm working full-time on clients and I have kids to take care of. Blogging once a month keeps me at about 550 visits a month, if I do a few more, I shoot up to 700 new visitors a month when I push them out via social media.

I get about 1 lead per 100 visitors. That's people who found me and are asking for more info on my company's products and services. All thanks to my blog.

2) Long-Tail Keyword Strategy

When you blog, you have to blog about what you are selling. And the way you tell the spiders that search your site for google and other search engines, is you put keywords at the bottom of the blog. The keywords need to be in the title, in the alt text for the pictures, in the first sentence, subtitles, meta keywords and in the body of your text.

If you choose the right keywords, you will get more business. The problem is if your competitive landscape is crowded, you and your competitors will all be going after the same keywords, but you want to end up on the top when someone searches for your company. So what do you do?

Long-tail Keyword Strategy will let you get more specific about what you do so when people are looking specifically for you, they find you. In example, if you put in the keyword called shoes, you would be competing with thousands of other stores and manufacturers.

If you put in the keyword red-shoes-with bows, describing specifically what you are offering, someone looking for that exact type of shoe would find you. Long-tail keyword strategy brings you to the top of the search.

3) Offers

Once you entice your customers to your site, you need to further educate them on why your products and services are the best available solution for their problem. We do that by giving them more info in various forms such as top ten lists of features, ebooks, videos, whitepapers, etc.

4) CTA

In order to let the website shoppers know about your offer, we build custom buttons called Calls-to-Action that have a picture of the offer and a few bullets describing what they will get if they push the button to get the offer.

5) Landing Pages

 Landing pages are the first page the customer sees once they hit the call-to-action. They are simple, they have a picture of the offer, again a few more expanded bullets of what they will get if they fill the form and a button to submit their info. PS don't say submit on your button, say, download now!

This form is how you capture customer contact info. This is important if you want to close the sale. More on this in email lead nurturing.

6) Thank You Pages and Return Emails with Offers

Once they hit the download now button, there should be a screen change thanking them for their submission, returning the offer to them, and also a follow up email with the offer in case they became distracted with their own job/life and they didn't have time to read your great educational offer.

7) Email Lead Nurturing

Most people don't make a major purchase the first time they start researching it. That is why email lead nurturing works so well. It keeps your company's services and products forefront in the minds of the prospective customer. It reminds them how your solution will solve the problem they have. When they get more time, more info, more budget they will remember your product or services because they have gotten a few reminders that have educated them further via email lead nurturing.

8) Social Media

 Social media is a great way to bring people to your site that didn't even know your product or service category exists. It is a way to push out there, via the way people communicate today, your blogs and offerings. Enough said.

9) Analytics

 Analytics on internet marketing are awesome! You can really see your efforts working and what isn't working so well, so it is easy to fine-tune what you are doing and make it work better. You need inbound marketing software like hubspot to do all of this.

10) Vertically Segmenting Leads for Email Campaigns

Email blasts of your old leads is a great way to drum up new business. But you don't want to send the same info to all your customers. They have different problems, they view the benefits of your products or services in different ways. Customizing by segmenting your email blasts let's you speak to their needs and close more business.

If you don't have the time or expertise to do all of these 10 steps, don't worry, you can hire a consultant like me. If you cannot afford a consultant, we can help you buy hubspot inbound marketing software and set you up with training to make it easy to get the business you need.



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