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Vectorwise Analytical Engine Burns Inbound Marketing Rubber

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Wed, May 23, 2012 @ 05:45 PM

The facts are in, most of us go to google now to shop or do online research for that all-important-upcoming purchasing decision. With the price of gas around $4 a gallon and all kinds of preassures on our time, why wouldn't we take advantage of all the free info that's available online?

Marketing Automation Software and Closed-loop Marketing Analytics are a big leap forward in letting Marketing know who came to the website, which campaign they converted to a lead on and how many touches it took to become a sale. But Marketers need to know more, like: what the profit margins are on each product, which customers are profitable and how many units can be sold at what price, before we can make a decision to kill one campaign or duplicate another.

 All of this creates a tsunami of data for marketing to analyze. We need a way to access the data and a way to automate the data to trigger personalized responses to customers to win in today's ultra-competitive environment.

CMOs make turn-pike decisions on large volumes of data, often in the billions of transactions. With Inbound and Online Marketing,  it's not just businesses that traditionally are transactional or have high volumes of data like Retail, Telco, Airlines, Banking, and Revenue tracking like the IRS that have high amounts of data. With everything online now, almost any company can benefit from a high-speed analytical database engine.

Enter Actian's Vectorwise; It's a low-cost-high-speed-analytical database, with a low-barrier to install. Now, even a 200-person company can make decisions based on big data rather than assumptions, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities to compete with larger more established competitors.

With Intel's new Xeon5 processor finally catching up with the speed of solid-state drives,  Business apps like Yellowfin, Pentaho, and Jaspersoft start to perform a whole lot better. And since both the chips and apps are already supported by Vectorwise, No rewriting is necessary.

Marketing is now a fundamental driver of IT purchasing, and that trend shows no signs of stopping –or even slowing down –any time soon. In fact, Gartner analyst Laura McLellan recently predicted that by 2017, CMOs will spend more on IT than their counterpart CIOs. She also said in 2011 B2B and B2C Marketing Budgets as a percentage of revenue were three times as high (10 percent) as IT Budgets (3.6 percent).

Yes, I agree with the author that CMOs are the Chief Customers for IT spending but would also throw in that CMOs are becoming the Chief Customers for Big Data spending as well. New Software Integrators are springing up that specialize in Marketing Analytics and Actian's Vectorwise high-speed-analytical database engine is a key component of their offerings.

Comparing Vectorwise to Oracle is analogous to driving a porsche instead of a winnebago when accessing bid data to make time-sensitive decisions. You don't need to spend the $350 bucks in gas to drive from SF to LA and you can get there in half the time with way less hassle. Vectorwise's analytical engine  can even be used when you keep your data in some legacy databases like SAP.

You spend less on Business Intelligence tuning and hardware since you can use common hardware. With Vectorwise, you don't need to ask your Board for $1 million US dollars for an Oracle database and another couple million in integration costs. More drivers in your organization can have access to the turnpike data they need without breaking the budget.
faster access database by bay area inbound

Yes, Vectorwise is smaller than Oracle's database, but it's 300 times faster and a fraction of the cost. Forrester and Gartner estimate that 85% of the companies out there have or will have less data and will be easily accomodated by Vectorwise's capacity. Actian is privately held for more than 10 years, profitable, and have over 10,000 install-base world-wide.

For the majority of companies, speed, agility, and better gas mileage is more important in today's budget-concious-and-rapidly evolving economy than having more capacity than they will ever use.

What are your decision-makers driving? Do you anticipate buying the analytical power of big data in the next two years? Will you use it to drive inbound marketing decisions?

analogy re actian's vectorwise faster access database bay area inbound winnebago vs. porsche

Sources: Gartner Report and Forbes Right Now, 2012.

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