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Posted by Laurie Monahan on Mon, Apr 02, 2012 @ 12:27 PM

"Top Marketing Agency Bay Area" is a common search that professionals use when they need help increasing leads and revenue for their business. Based on the search criteria you used to find this article, it looks like you are definitely in the market for a "Marketing Agency in the Bay Area". So let me tell you why you should hire: Bay Area Inbound.

What We Do

  • We use a targeted-keyword strategy to blog with an SEO-optimized blog driving traffic to your website. 
  • We use Social Media to spread the word about your products and services. 
  • We created educational offers, Call-to-Action Buttons, Landing Pages, and all Marketing Automation Workflows necessary to capture warm leads and nurture them towards Sales.
  • We typically increase warm leads by 300% for tech companies in the first six months, enabling your Salespeople to increase revenue by 50% or more.

Reference Accounts

We have a long list of satisfied tech clients including but not limited to: 

  • Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Firewalls,
  • Fusion-io SSDs,
  • Actian Database,
  • Aemed Medical,
  • Imanami Software.
  • and AlertEnterprise.

Why Bay Area Inbound

Bay Area Inbound has combined almost a century of experience in marketing automation, creating winning offers, SEO, blogging, graphics, web, social media, internet, software training, and project management experience. We integrate seamlessly with your team, provide the expertise, and supply the manpower shortfalls you need to address the most effective way to market today: Inbound Marketing. We get you results fast, and we teach your team how to maintain your leading position, so you won't need us forever.

How We Do It

We focus on content: targeting keywords on your pages and in blog articles that get your company website ranked high by search engines so it will be found by humans when your customers are looking to buy your products and services. We think using pay-per-click is a good idea for fast results, but we like to use it in conjunction with great content like blog articles, email nurturing campaigns, social media, and educational offers.

Everything that we build for you using keyword strategy and content, you get to keep forever. As opposed to pay-per-click, where you just pay forever. And a 2011 study by Hubspot has shown that leads obtained through content marketing are 61% less expensive than PPC, they increase brand loyalty, and more often results in closing the sales.

When we build up all the content you can share it via social media and email blasts, as well as nurturing leads. With great content, other people link to it, giving you inbound links, further driving up your page ranking with google and creating brand awareness. Content also gives you a lot more to go on when using analytics than just adwords and gives your customers more to go on when justifying that all-important purchasing decision.

Customers repeatedly tell me they decided to hire us based on our content, and I've never paid for adwords in my life. 

Automated Inbound Marketing Software

We use an integrated marketing software program called Hubspot that gives all the functionality of Marketo, Eloqua, Etrigue, Sprinklr, Radian6, Jango and Google Analytics combined. Hubspot received $10 million of their $38 million first-round funding from Google, and is the #2 fastest growing software world-wide. But if you like your existing tools, we have experience on all major Inbound Marketing Software and CRM software like

Hubspot's functionality includes:

  • Linkgrader, PageGrader, and Keyword Grader tools for SEO.
  • A "no mistakes" blogging tool, which includes meta tag, alt tag, keyword, graphics reminders
  • Call-to-action button builder
  • Landing page wizard for your great offers
  • An email manager, and lead nurturing campaign builder
  • A social media manager for monitoring and pushing content to all media simultaneously
  • Analytics for sources, blog, reach, social media, visits by page

Free Evaluation and Recommendations

If you're interested, let us give you a free evaluation of your website by clicking the orange button below. We follow that with a brief question and answer session about the results you are getting now from your marketing efforts and we give you a free Evaluation including Competitive Analysis, Lead Generation Recommendations, SEO Tips, Target Keyword Strategy, Content ideas, and more.

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Bay Area Inbound is a full-service Inbound Marketing Agency in SF that specializes in getting you the leads you need to significantly increase company revenue.

For more information on getting traffic to your site and generating the leads you need, contact or  510-543-7593.

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