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Why Can't I See ALL My Website Visitors in Hubspot or Etrigue?

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 @ 08:09 PM

You can see by your overall traffic that you've had a lot of new website visitors and you can tell by your blog analytics that your articles have had a lot of reads, so why don't you have user profile info for all of your visitors?

There are 3 reasons you may not see a user's name in your Prospect's Analytics in Hubspot or Etrigue:

Cookies Turned Off-Some techno savvy users will exercise the option of turning off cookies so companies can't use their info later for marketing purposes. Available on most browsers including Google Chrome.

Visitor Came in on RSS Feed of Blog-RSS Feeds are set up to be anonymous. Because people feel that they can subscribe anonymously, they are more likely to sign up, which is why they were created.

Network Carrier shows up instead of specific user-This happens a lot, the IP Address is picked up by analytics, like it should be, the Domain Name Server is mapped to determine which company's IP address it is, like it should be, but the carrier is serving it's users dymanic IP Address using DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) so you only end up seeing the Carrier's name not the name of the specific user's company. This usually means that the person is a small office or home office user or at least browsing from home and not going through their corporate server.

On the upside, thanks to all the other analytics you still have, you can still glean a lot of useful information as a marketer using:

  1. overall visitor count and graphs
  2. timeline analytics that show you which pages they came in on and how long they spent on each page
  3. blog analytics and referral sites like social media
  4. traffic sources like direct traffic (repeat customer), organic search and what words they put in the search engine to find you
  5. Which Calls-to-Action and Landing Pages are Capturing Leads and Converting to Sales

All this info will let you know what is working and what needs an adjustment to keep your Sales Pipeline full. So don't despair if you can't see every visitor's profile, you still got their feedback without knowing their identity.

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