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Top 3 Things to Put in Your Blog Titles to Hook a Reader, BA Inbound

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 @ 11:12 AM

We are all busy and we are all getting pretty used to seeing blogs on facebook, Linkedin, and twitter. So what makes the difference between a blog that hooks reader's attention and one that doesn't?

3 Things to Include in Your Blog Article Title:

First consider your audience, and that will drive your focus of your title.

Who exactly are you trying to attract? If you are trying to attract corporate readers, starting with something like Wall Street Journal is a good hook. You've got to think about it from their perspective. Just pretend they are looking at your article skeptically and saying, what's in it for me?

To hook the masses, current events  with a twist always go over big. People are more interested in things they already know something about. If they are seeing a lot of stories on a particular current event, they might want to read more about it.

Articles titles about something that matters to their particularly industry or market segment will also resonate with your target customers.

Including superlatives and numbers like "Top Ten" always gets more reads

People want to get to the point quickly and including a word like "Top Ten" let's them know you aren't gonna ramble, you've studied a lot of possiblities and you have narrowed them down and put them in order of importance.

Blogs that ask the question that they answer, so they match the  words people use to search on google exactly

Blogs that are problem solvers usually get a lot of reads, especially from organic searches.

If someone is going to search for the subject "What are the best titles for blogs to attract readers?" for example. They may or may not come to this blog first. If the title had been that question, I would have had a better shot.

Cast your hook and watch your blog analytics and you will see what works for your target audience.

 hooking a fish with your blog article title

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