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Web Traffic Increase 247% Using Hubspot, Bay Area Inbound in SF

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Sun, Mar 11, 2012 @ 03:30 PM

Decided about 4 months ago, that if we were going to have time to focus on our core business, which is doing inbound marketing for our customers, we were going to need to buy Hubspot Software to help automate our own Inbound Marketing. Even with a team of 5 people with Inbound Marketing expertise, we all had other work and family responsibilities, and we needed some help.

I also wanted to buy and implement Hubspot Integrated Marketing Software before we recommended it to other companies to see for myself how well it did or didn't work. For $1575 down (which includes 8 one-hour sessions of consulting to train us on the tools by Hubspot) and $300 a month to nurture up to 1000 leads simultaneously, this is a very economical way to generate leads. And to be frank, inbound marketing is the most effective way to market the way people shop today via the internet, social networking and through word-of-mouth referrals.

It is estimated by a survey of over 700 companies that inbound marketing is dramatically lower in cost at $135 a lead than outbound or traditional marketing methods like print ads, trade shows, yellow page ads or pay-per-clicks at $436 per lead.

But, I'm a numbers girl, so let me share with you the statistics of what we have gleaned through using the Hubspot Software for 4 months after migrating our website to Hubspot. We put in about 10 hours a week of work the first couple months and 40 hours the last couple of months. We got a slow start in the beginning because we were engaged with a lot of other work and pretty much just did the training calls and a few hours of work each at first.

With sustained part-time work we have dramatically leaped in both web traffic, and lead generation. See the chart below.

You can see our traffic is up by 247% from last month. This month is shown in blue, last month traffic increased steadily as well, as shown in gray.

After just 2 months of part-time work we obtained six new sales leads off our site when we had 45 visitors last month, for $300 a month, and we expect those leads to steadily increase as well with our traffic. We also had 6 companies respond with interest to our email marketing campaigns that aren't reflected in these statistics.

Blogging, SEO, Social Networking, and Email Marketing are all bringing us new business. And typically inbound marketing leads convert to actual sales at a much higher rate than leads obtained through other marketing channels because those leads find companies with services or products when they were actually looking to buy.

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