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Why No Blog Responses? Bay Area Inbound Marketing in SF

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Thu, Mar 08, 2012 @ 07:04 PM

I asked a couple of friends to make comments on my blog articles to help me out. I'm getting great rankings on Google, Web Traffic and Leads from my site, but just wasn't getting a lot of comments on my blogs.

It's important to get comments and "likes" to post-panda Google 2011 to get really high search engine rankings to bring your company website up in a search when people are looking for your goods and services.

What I realized by the blogs my friends commented on first is that they went after the least technical articles I posted. And some of their comments on other articles and, when I speak to people in person, let me know that they didn't understand what they are reading. And why should they? It let me know that my blogging is too technical and I need to take it down about 4 notches.

My old boss, VP of Engineering, used to ask us to take most of the technical jargon out of our presentations and he was right. People who don't do what you do for a living, need to hear about what you are offering in ENGLISH, not techno-jargon. Even our company Executives who were interested and knew a lot about our company's products appreciated it more when we used less technical jargon.

It is just like doing a usability study for mere humans to convince the Engineers that not everybody is an expert at whatever they design for a living. Well worn cliche: "Sometimes we are too close to the forest to see the trees".

A Few Other Tips When Blogging for Humans:

  • Graphics are there to draw interest and to get the point across without too much technical jargon as well. Worn-out expression #2: "A picture paints a thousand words".
  • Another good tactic is to ask questions to strike up interest and feedback from people who see your blogs via social media and your RSS Feed. If you don't know what an RSS Feed is, you can see it above this article, it keeps track of who reads your blog.
  • It's a good lesson for me to relearn: Blog in English, not Techno Speak. Speak to your audience where they are at. If you are blogging for other inbound marketers, by all means go for it, go crazy with the technical details. If you are blogging for non-marketers, use English.

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