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Why Lead Nurturing?...I Always Have to Hear About Something Twice

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Mar 06, 2012 @ 02:09 PM

I don't know if you are like me, but I've noticed something about myself. I almost always have to hear about something twice before I take action. I was invited to join Pinterest recently and didn't join until the second time I heard about it. I read about Google Plus once, ignored it and the second time I read about it, I joined Google+ Circles.

Even with our Twins, when I was having trouble getting them to sit down and eat when they were one-year-olds, it wasn't until the second Mom told me to put on a Baby Einstein movie to get them to stop and eat, that I did it.

In technology, I'm not an early adopter even though I was in the Advanced Technologies Group for 4 years. Neither was my boss, the VP of Engineering at Proxim Wireless. Maybe because we always work with technology we don't get any particular charge out of being the first to adopt and debug alpha/beta versions. I certainly don't like paying much higher prices for first-to-market electronics. 

But I think it's more human nature in general, because, as all marketeers know,  the adoption curve has a lot more people in the middle than on the two tail ends. Most people have to hear about something more than once before they are going to sign up and buy it.

That is why automated lead nurturing is so important. Just because someone comes to your site or booth at a trade show or gets a referral from a friend that they should buy your product or service, doesn't mean they are going to jump on it the first time they take a look. But it doesn't mean they aren't interested either. Lead Nurturing keeps your product or service in the forefront of their mind and their budget planning.

Hubspot has an automated lead nurturing campaign builder so when people download your calls-to-action and leave their contact info on your landing page forms, the software periodically keeps them up to date on your product or service in whatever way you set it up. And no human needs to worry about it again. Until the software tells you a lead has a high probability that they are ready to buy based on how many times they have read your info and how much time they have spent on it...

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