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Practice Good Automate Marketing Hygiene-Scrub Your Email List

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Feb 07, 2012 @ 12:41 PM

Email Marketing still has the highest return rate of all Automate Marketing

Deliverability rate is the percentage of email messages delivered to your recipients’ inboxes versus the total number of messages sent. It tells you how many of the emails bounced back and if that number is high, it’s a sure sign of inactivity.

Low deliverabilty rate might get you blocked by ISPs (internet service providers). If your list is loaded with inactive emails, you don’t have a sense of your true complaint rate. While many marketers just look at total complaints over total list size, ISPs are actually looking at total complaints over number of active email users.

ISPs can also mark abandoned email addresses as spam traps. This means that, even if you acquired emails in a legitimate manner, the abandoned addresses may have morphed into spam traps. Aside from all the ISP problems, low deliverability rate also means you are wasting money sending emails to non-existent addresses.

email marketing scrub lists

Scrub Your Email List

Clean up your email list by removing those addresses that are no longer
engaged. You can identify these addresses with metrics such as opens, clicks,
or website activity.

A stricter opt-in process

If you have a really serious problem with deliverability, you might want to
redefine your opt-in process to prevent invalid emails from getting on your list.
Either ask people to enter their email twice or experiment with double opt-in.

Preference Center Invitations

Make sure your recipients have an opportunity to update their email
addresses. Invite them to your preference center from every email you send.
That might also help you with segmentation and achieving higher engagement

Keeping your email list current saves you money and insures delivery of all your emails by not getting a spam rating with ISPs. It is worth the time it takes to practice good email list hygiene.


Sources: Hubspot, 2011. Hubspot sells integrated inbound marketing software is the #2 fastest growing software company world-wide.

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