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Get the Tools You Need to Make Inbound Marketing Easy and Effective

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Feb 07, 2012 @ 09:11 AM

Marketers need to amass valuable data across their different channels. For instance, they might need to know the possible relationships between landing pages and emails or track the sales process of an email conversion. In addition to the obvious reporting benefits such integration provides, it also opens the door to a much more enjoyable experience for email subscribers.

Just think about it--if you could bridge the gap between email marketing performance and social media activities, landing page conversions or new customer acquisitions, you are that much closer to optimizing your sales funnel and delivering content that your community loves.

Get the Tools You Need

Integrated data systems, including form submissions and activities on site, can point you to the resources your recipients are truly interested in. In that way, you have a clear understanding of how to further engage them through careful targeting and segmentation.

In order to integrate your email marketing with your other data systems, you need to use marketing software that allows for that integration to take place. Integration is the foundation on which HubSpot’s software was built as it connects SEO, blogging, lead management and reporting with email marketing and lead nurturing.

Think Segmentation

Combining your different marketing databases allows for clear segmentation and ability to better target your customers and prospects with relevant email messages. Once you have access to an integrated marketing system, keep your buyer persona in mind and focus on the opportunity to target the right audience with the right message.

Develop Content

The more targeted your email campaigns, the more content you’ll need. Key to promoting relevant content in email is to provide an offer that is connected to the initial request. What action have your contacts taken on (or even off) your website? Offer them content that fits with their intent and their needs. Integrated tools make this easy to connect them to your content that would most interest them.


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Sources: Hubspot, 2011. Hubspot sells integrated inbound marketing software is the #2 fastest growing software company world-wide. 

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