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Get Unstuck: Brainstorm Captivating New Blog Content

Posted by Justine Burt on Wed, Jan 18, 2012 @ 11:02 PM

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When you are stuck and can’t think of new blog content ideas, here are some ways to get unstuck. The key lies in looking at your basic keywords and most popular past blog content then creating new content from a fresh angle. Here are several suggestions.

Rewrite your most popular blog posts – Building on the basic points of your blog posts that have the most views or comments, rewrite them from a new perspective.

Look at your popular email campaigns – A high click through rate means you presented the material well. A high open rate means the topic was compelling. Create new posts based on your greatest hits.

Use Quintura – Type one of your business keywords into Quintura’s search engine and you will see a word cloud along with search results. The word cloud will cluster related keywords from other people’s searches. This will provide ideas for new blog topics. 

Recreate content in a different format – Create a podcast from an old blog. Create a series of YouTube videos to address FAQs. Take a recent webinar and write a whitepaper. Compile an eBook from your most popular blog posts.

Explain your offering to someone new - Pretend you are explaining your product or service to an eight year old. Do the same but for an 80 year old. You may discover new words and analogies you can use in blog posts.

Try mind mapping – Write down a keyword and draw a circle around it. Think of words related to that keyword. Circle each one and draw a line between them and the first keyword. This free association exercise is so simple and yet so effective at freeing up blocks. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re moving off track. Your mind is discovering new areas. Explore the connections between the words.

Talk to your best customers – Why did they come to your business in the first place and why do they keep coming back? Write blog posts about their positive experiences. They will want to share the post that features them with their friends and family.

For inbound marketing, you want to generate new content on a regular basis. The more new content, the higher your search engine ranking. Be careful not to copy old content or someone else's content. That will damage your SEO.

Writers block can be incredibly frustrating. These tips will help you clear away those roadblocks. These ideas have worked for us. What has worked for you?

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