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Website Redesign Into a Lead-Generation Machine by Bay Area Inbound

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Jan 17, 2012 @ 10:08 PM

Redesign projects can be laborious, so most companies are better suited at trying to get more out of what they already have. Inbound marketing tactics such as SEO, blogging, and social media are easy to include in your existing site, and are twice as effective as traditional web redesign elements. You should strive to make small, but constant and continuous improvements to each element of your current website so your website becomes a powerful traffic-generating machine.

Key Concepts and Statistics

  • Start with defining your website redesign goals.
    • Remember that most companies don’t need a new website, but rather need better tools on their existing site.
  • Protect your assets during the design process so you do not damage your website presence.
  • Make a great first impression by focusing on the functionality of your homepage.
  • Creative and original content is the most powerful way of attracting and retaining website visitors.
  • Design compelling landing pages so visitors will be more willing to give away their contact information for your content offerings.
  • Make constant adjustments to landing pages by experimenting with their layout and formatting.
  • Set up a system to measure the metrics of your website so you can reproduce successful campaigns, and scrap failing ones.

Website Redesign for Performance

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