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The Evolution of Strategic Inbound Marketing

Posted by Justine Burt on Tue, Jan 10, 2012 @ 01:10 PM

strategic marketing

Marketing has evolved as people spend more time on the internet. Consumers now look to internet search engines, the blogosphere and social networking sites when they want authoritative information on products and services. Have you developed a strategic marketing approach that makes it easy for people to find you in this new virtual world?

The average person receives 2,000 outbound marketing messages per day. As the number of marketing messages have increased, so has the sophistication of technologies to block these messages. Caller ID, spam filters and Tivo are just a few examples.

The old outbound, interruption-based marketing approach is quickly being replaced by an inbound, permission-based approach. Inbound marketing involves optimizing your website for keywords, writing blogs to showcase your expertise, creating inbound links and sharing through social media.

Inbound marketing will deliver qualified leads for your sales team in a faster, more cost-effective way if people can:

  1. Find you easily during internet searches
  2. Find their way around your website
  3. Ask questions about your products or services

If you would like to dramatically increase your web traffic, Bay Area Inbound can help. Together we will develop a strategic marketing approach that will dramatically increase your web traffic and your number of qualified leads.

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