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Topic Clusters to Get SEO Love from Google

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Sat, Sep 26, 2020 @ 02:02 PM

This week's online marketing subject is on improving SEO with "topic clusters".

Hubspot calls "Topic Clusters, the Next Evolution of Content Strategy."

Trust me, they're not that complicated to implement if you already understood SEO before this evolution.

Basically, Google will love my website more, if I organize my 400 blog articles into "topic clusters" and hyperlink all articles of the same topic to "pillar articles" about those topics. Next, I will give each sub article a sub-topic keyword. By doing this, google will pull my articles up higher in a search.

Researching the topic, I found that this SEO requirement is to address the change in consumer behavior where consumers used to use a couple of words to search, but now put in complex questions on the search bar of google and expect fast and accurate search results.

Search Engines Are Forcing the Adoption of Topic Clusters

To quote Hubspot Marketing Materials on the subject: "Search engines are now smart enough to recognize the connections across queries. Algorithms have evolved to the point where they can understand the topical context behind the search intent, tie it back to similar searches they have encountered in the past, and deliver web pages that best answer the query quickly."
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My Website Pages Are Not Coming Up Correctly in Google Search

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Sep 15, 2020 @ 03:46 PM

I was searching for my own blog article to find something I had written about as a reference, and discovered my web pages weren't coming up correctly in a google search.

The article still came up, in the number 3 position, but it came up to the main blog title page, not the specific article I wanted. So I checked another one, and it was doing the same thing. 

I called Hubspot Support, like I do when things are broken, and they sent me links to videos and several help articles on my website. Getting started for beginners on google search console, There is also this article on managing your site maps here.

The good thing about setting up Google Search Console and indexing your site map, is it will alert you if someone tries to hack your website, or if you have any errors on your site that google detects which adversely affect your search rankings.

I did some research and found out google started using google search console in 2015, but I missed it somehow between flying all over the country for my daughter's volleyball and making sure my son graduated with high honors. You know, that thing called life.

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Yearbooks and Covid-19, Oh My!

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Mon, Aug 31, 2020 @ 08:14 PM

Our kids finally received their senior year books this week. 

It's a good thing, because four of us have covid-19, our daughter, our son, our son's good friend, and me. So there is nothing going on to take pictures of, at all.

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Building Trust from Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Wed, Aug 26, 2020 @ 01:03 PM

I love this old quote that we use often in Sales, the goal is always to "under promise and over deliver." 

Just read another couple of chapters from Stephen R. Covey's, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and wanted to share a few highlights I read from the section on building trust with other people.

These principles are true about our relationships with anyone really.

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18 is the Magic Number

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Aug 18, 2020 @ 06:28 AM

Loved this quote: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Here's a link to a gorgeous rendition of, "Brings Back Memories".

It's hard not getting discouraged with all the trials we are facing these days. Feeling like my friends in California are really struggling more with fires, riots, higher covid-19 cases, homelessness, and with Gavin Newsome making it hard for kids to do anything but sit at home alone.

He's fining people for hiring tutors for groups of kids at home and requiring three-sided plexi glass boxes, for the kids to sit in, for schools to re-open. He's definitely going to extreme measures to pacify a strong teacher's union. This is an attempt to stop private schools from opening, when public schools won't, I've been told.

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Ten Things We Learned About Going to Yellow Stone

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Sat, Aug 08, 2020 @ 03:15 PM

Had a fun trip with the kids going to Yellowstone National Park this week. We learned a few things and a lot of our friends have been asking us about our trip, so here is what we learned...

1) Map It, Before You Plan Where to Stay, Could Save Hours

Driving to the West Gate of Yellow Stone from Utah took us five hours, driving to the South Gate, which is closer, would have taken us seven hours.

Although the West entrance is closed from November to Mid-April, so keep that in mind.

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Help Me to Help You!

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Mon, Aug 03, 2020 @ 07:24 PM

In case you've been living under a rock, or you skipped the movie because it was rated R, and never got around to watching it on vidangel...

One of the funniest movie scenes ever is in "Jerry Maguire" where Tom Cruise is cast as a sports agent, who through a series of unfortunate events, ends up with only one very-talented client, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. 

This particular client has a propensity for telling everyone, including the media, that "He wants a $10 million contract and sponsorship deals for major brands because he's a great football player".

Maguire is trying to coach him to tone it down, because his only hope of a payday is this one player. 

He's telling him over and over emphatically, "Help me, to help you. Help me, to help you!"

Gooding's character is un-phased by this coaching, but finds Maguire's dedication and desperation to help him succeed, to be very funny.

It's hilarious, but as a parent of teens, I can definitely relate. Who hasn't felt like saying that to their kids once in a while?

Fortunately, Gooding's character makes a huge play that saves the big game, and they both end up with a big pay day.

It's an iconic movie and both actors did a magnificent job in their roles.

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Happy c2r0na 4th of July

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Tue, Jul 07, 2020 @ 04:30 PM

Covid-19 4th of July Week

Took a little survey of how we are doing for Covid-19 deaths and found these graphs. It's interesting, depending on the article, Covid-19 deaths are rising or declining, and it's the same if you look at the graph below, green is declining and red is rising. Overall the deaths seem to be declining in the US, yay! Still need to be vigilant.

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Happy Father's Day! Volleyball, Meme Prom, Cousins Love

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Sun, Jun 28, 2020 @ 11:55 AM

Happy Father's Day to all you hard working Dad's out there and all you Dad's who want to be working and aren't. It's a hard time right now for everyone, but for people who have lost jobs, homes and businesses, and loved ones, it's a lot harder, obviously.

I miss my own Dad for sure.

Kaeli made this great water-color card for Marc for Father's day. She also posted the two old photos below. I ordered him skinny dipped almonds and we're going to make his favorite dinner. He got to go golfing with a friend again yesterday, so he's pretty happy. He will call his Dad later today too.

We definitely appreciate what a Great husband and Father he is.

Fathers are super important to our society, as well as their own families, obviously.

In The Science of Dad and the ‘Father Effect’

There are data-driven reasons why kids do better with father figures in their lives, by Joshua A. Krisch Updated May 19 2020, he said:

"The impact of fatherhood is not subjective, but an objective and documented phenomenon. Although motherhood has dominated past parenting studies, researchers are learning more about what makes a good dad and how to be a good dad every day. So far, they know that kids who grow up with a present, engaged dad are less likely to drop out of school or wind up in jail, compared to children with absent fathers and no other male caretakers or role models. When kids have close relationships with father figures, they’re less likely to have sex at a young age and tend to avoid other high-risk behaviors. They’re more likely to have high-paying jobs and healthy, stable relationships when they grow up. They also tend to have higher IQ test scores by the age of 3 and endure fewer psychological problems throughout their lives when fatherhood is taken seriously."
“When fathers are actively involved with their children, children do better,” explains Paul Amato, a sociologist who studies parent-child relationships at Pennsylvania State University. “Research suggests that fathers are important for a child’s development.”
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Advice to our Twin Grads

Posted by Laurie Monahan on Sat, Jun 27, 2020 @ 06:02 PM


We went to church Sunday in Utah, the doors were open for the first time since mid-February. The Bishop was presiding and being very funny. He was cracking jokes about how things have gone pretty much steadily downhill since the ward was created at the end of January, but he doesn't think it's necessarily his fault. 

Funny, but sadly true. 

I love this quote by one of our beloved church leaders, Jeffrey Holland:

"When we have conquered Covid 19--and we will--may we be equally committed to freeing the world from the virus of hunger, freeing neighborhoods and nations from the virus of poverty. May we hope for schools where students are taught--not terrified they will be shot--and for the gift of personal dignity for every child of God, unmarred by any form of racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice. Under-girding all of this is our relentless hope for greater devotion to the two greatest of all commandments: to love God by keeping His counsel and to love our neighbors by showing kindness and compassion, patience, and forgiveness. These two divine directives are still--and forever will be--the only real hope we have for giving our children a better world than the one they now know."

I liked this message from our church, We don't have to be the same to be one.

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