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Machine Learning to Speed Up Apps

Salesforce (CRM) continued its buyout spree in December 2016 with its acquisition of Twin Prime, a startup focused on ML (machine learning) that facilitates enhanced performance of mobile apps. 

Twin Prime target verticals were: etailers, gaming, and social media companies with apps; Target personas were iOS and Android Developers, Engineering Management, iOS and Android Product Managers.

The Founders were three Stanford MBAs.

TwinPrime already had a blog, but no educational offers. They had tried blasting email, but had only received two leads, which didn't have apps, so they were not in their target audience.

They hired Monahan to help with both Product and Growth Marketing.

  1. Go-to-Market Strategy
  2. Messaging and Positioning
  3. Created BattleCards, and did Sales Enablement Training
  4. Content Strategy and created educational offers:
    1. Free trial with Sales Engineering hours rolled in to produce printouts that shows improvement in performance of apps.
    2. ROI justification Offer that also answered technical feasibility questions like: how does the product work?
    3. Infographic
    4. eBook 
    5. Blogged
    Marketing tactics like
    1. Creating forms with required field to pre-qualify leads like "enter your iOS or Android app from the app store".
    2. Buying a list with target personas from Zoom Info
    3. Managed Graphic Artist to create offers and call-to-action buttons
    4. Trained on Pardot, and built out marketing automation such as landing pages, email blasting, lead scoring, and drip campaigns
    5. Published to email and social media, optimized omni channel

Kartik Chandrayana, CEO, TwinPrime
“Laurie did a fantastic job with both Product and Growth Marketing. She is strong in both Go-to-Market Strategy as well as tactics to quickly penetrate our target verticals. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her work." January 2017