Case Study: Keele Medical

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Keele Medical was an early-stage startup that had had early success with Covid Drug Testing for corporations. They had gone down to zero revenue as testing died off for Covid, but wanted to market a new saliva-based-medical device that tested for both drugs and alcohol. They had done a good job creating the "whole product" with Lab and Medical Review Officer, SaaS for managing testing, and training at the company for designated employee reps. 

Monahan helped them go from zeto to 230 customers in under a year.

They had already performed two field trials with Police Departments for a new-saliva-based-drug-and-alcohol tests. Monahan performed interviews to obtain the feedback and to record video case studies.

Keele Med also knew they wanted to target Employee Drug Testing and Labs like Quest. They needed help with Go-to-Market Strategy, Messaging, Positioning, Personas, Content and Channel creation.

Sales and Marketing employees were leaving because they were frustrated they couldn't sell the tests.  They complained that "You can tell prospects it saves time and money, but they don't care. They respond, I like sending people to Quest Labs, so I don't have to deal with it."

Laurie was able to solve the employee drug testing problem by quantifying that the savings at $300 an hour for multiple hours by testing inhouse with the $24 tests. Further messaging included the many advantages obtained from the interviews for Satefy Managers including not having to clean out bathrooms, or wait hours for a subject to produce a sample.

She solved the positioning problem for police departments by quanitfying the savings of $300 per hour and saving officers three to five hours by not having to go to a hospital to wait for a bloood draw with their suspectd DUI.

Officers said they liked the time savings, so they could use the time to write better reports to obtain convictions and return to duty. Traffic Sargeants also said they liked not calibrating breathalyzers or testifying about them, easily booking the small tests into evidence, and 15 other benefits.

Laurie helped Keele Med to quickly penetrate all three verticals by creating:

  1. Go-to-Market Strategy
  2. Researched and wrote Messaging, Positioning and wins by Persona for three target verticals
  3. Migrated the company and website to Hubspot 
  4. National Safety Counsel Trade Show in New Orleans in October 2023 where we landed 150 large accounts
  5. Wrote Press Release for Changes in Employee Drug Test Laws such as California AB-2188
  6. Purchased lists, composed, and blasted Email  with a 17% open rate 4% download
  7. Did Sales Enablement by creating a Playbook and Training
  8. Created Content Strategy and Educational Offers
  9. Managed graphic artist, and contractors like video editor and printers

 "You killed it!"

Nate Keele, CEO, Keele Medical
February 2024