BAI Marketing Case Study: Imanami 


Imanami creates Active Directory Group Management Software. They already had good website traffic and an extensive blog about their technology when they hired Bay Area Inbound. What they needed were more leads in order to increase sales.  We were able to help them reach their revenue goals. We did a number of projects that helped Imanami increase leads by over 300% including:

  • Created new marketing offers: "Active Directory Group Automation Kit" and "Jump Start Live Webinar Series" to be used as educational giveaways, both of which had a tremendous response
  • Hired and managed Gartner relationship to get advice on gaining better positioning for Imanami on the Identity Management Magic Quadrant and Wiley to create "Active Directories Group Management for Dummies" eBooks
  • Revamped Messaging and managed the creation of a video to give orgranic and blog traffic a 50k-foot view of pain points solved by Imanami solutions in order to shorten sales cycles
  • Email blasted old contacts with new offers to create an increase in warm leads, leading to the close of many new big deals, and created drip email campaigns to lead-nurture new leads
  • Managed integration of Microsoft CRM database with Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software creating closed-loop marketing analytics and so Sales wouldn't have to build new leads in CRM
  • Used Smart Lists to segment and create email blasts by territory to get the word out about Imanami, let Sales Reps introduce themselves to and close targets, and blasted VARs list's in their territories
  • Managed CTA creation, gave recommendations on website look-and-feel, trade shows, and mailers to reach CIO-level contacts at target Fortune 1000 companies

Rick Probst, VP Sales and Marketing, at Imanami
"Laurie (at Bay Area Inbound) was exactly what we needed. The leads exceeded my wildest expectations! Thank you for your help." February, 2013