BAI Marketing Case Study: Palo Alto Networks

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Palo Alto Networks manufactures and sells a next-gen firewall for IT Security in a saturated market and a very mature segment. They have to convince their Enterprise customers to replace their existing security products with Palo Alto Network’s Next-Generation Firewall Products. Messaging, Positioning and Lead Generation is very important for PAN’s continued success. According the Wall Street Journal, Palo Alto Networks has truly hockey-sticked on their Sales revenue numbers. PAN hired Bay Area Inbound to do lead generation activities and BAI delivered on their targeted goals by more than 200%.

Howard Ting, Director of Marketing at Palo Alto Networks
“Laurie (Bay Area Inbound) recently did some lead generation activities for Palo Alto Networks and managed to significantly exceed her targeted goals. She has demonstrated success in both the Sales and Marketing Arenas.” Sept 5th, 2011