BAI Marketing Case Study: CleverTap


CleverTap makes App Analytics and Monetization Software. They needed help building out their Hubspot Marketing Automation machine from the ground up. They also needed us to create educational offers for a number of reasons:

  • To Email Blast Offers to targeted lists in order to introduce products and see who opens offers thereby raising lead scores
  • To Post directly to Social media to raise product category and brand awareness
  • For Lead Nurturing drip campaigns to stay forefront in prospect budget planning. Prospects don’t always have budget now, but often will with in 2 quarters from now
  • Post CTA buttons with landing pages and offers directly in your blog articles, so organic traffic can click to download more info
  •  Sales people can send or post links to them in their email

Bay Area Inbound was able to deliver with a weekly jumpstart webinar series, an e-book, and an infographic. In Hubspot we built out their CTAs, Landing Pages, Workflows, Personas, Smart Lists, and more.

Malcolm Friedberg, CMO at CleverTap
"Laurie (at Bay Area Inbound) worked for CleverTap for about 3 months. She helped us create the foundation for our Hubspot program, building multiple campaigns and programs. She has a strong understanding of marketing automation, email best practices and demand generation. She's a hard worker and proactive communicator. I highly recommend her work!" December 8th, 2015