BAI Marketing Case Study: Actian 

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Actian (previously Ingres) is a database manufacturer that created the Ingres relational database, Vectorwise high-speed-analytic-subscription-software database (use your own hardware), and rackmount-leased-database storage. Actian's CMO, Ketan Karia, is a very busy man. Still he wanted to make contributions to the company blog that were worthy of someone in his high-level position. He hired Bay Area Inbound to research and blog for him on topics such as Database Market Trends, Competitive Comparisons, the Tsunami of Data created by Inbound Marketing and Social Media, Hadoop, and Vectorwise Analytical Database Engine; Blog articles were shared via a social media editorial campaign and achieved widespread reads and shares in Actian's network and out.

Ketan Karia, CMO & SVP at ACTIAN Corporation
"Used (Bay Area Inbound) Laurie to ghost blog for Actian on a number of varied topics - they were well researched, informative, turned around quickly and socialised outside Actian's network as a bonus. Highly recomended!" August, 2012