Get Leads

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Calls to Action, Promotions, and Give Aways to Capture Customer Information

When people come to your website is there anything compelling they can click on to order more information about your products or services?  

Buttons like the one on the right, called: Calls-to- Action (CTA) with dedicated landing pages with a form on it entice prospects to leave their contact info so you can periodically sprinkle them with more information when they want it. This enables them move themselves down the sales funnel at their own pace so they have all the information they want before they buy.

Do you follow up with more compelling offers since most people don’t make a major purchase without being “touched” at least 5 times?

Bay Area Inbound can help you design Calls to Action, Promotions and GiveAways which will turn visitors from your website into warm leads and help move your potential customers forward in the Sales Process.