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Use Blogging, Website and Search Engine Optimization  to  Pop Your Site to the Top of a Google Search

How many pages is your webite? Did you know that more pages means more traffic for your business?

Do you know what key words you are trying to capture on google? This means when people search for your service or product, your company pops up to the top...

Do you have a blogging tool that tells you where to put your key words to capture the words you want? Did you know blogging is the number one way to increase traffic for interested customers?

Do you know how many people you are competing with in your market on the world-wide web?

Do you have a URL that is optimized for your target audience when they search for your product or service?

Do your slogans key in on the products or services you are selling and trying to get searched for?

Do your tags describing your graphics match your H1 Headlines?

Do you have inbound links from other sites with high ranking authority? Did you know that this off-page SEO counts for 75% of your ranking score?

Search Engines use complex algorithms to decide which company to bring to the top of your potential customer who is searching for your products or services. They have to with more than 150 million websites out there today. Bay Area Inbound can educate you and help you optimize your website so your company website gets found.

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