Marketing Strategy

We always start strategy planning with a thorough investigation, then we use outbound, inbound, and account-based marketing to get the best overall results as fast as possible.

The investigation will include:

1) talking to your executives, your sales and marketing teams to find out what you have done already and what results you have gotten

2) look at analytics to see results

3) competitive and market analysis for positioning purposes

4) available options and budget review, buy list of target high-value accounts for outbound

5) scour the internet to find pubs, blogs, forums where your target customers spend time and record those sites and what they are saying about their pain points

6) use the list to publish later and to get keywording right for organic search purposes

7) create offers that are vertically and account focused where it is pragmatic, to answer all questions in the sales funnel including:

  • How you solve customer pain points
  • Technical Feasibility (won't break their systems ie case studies, weekly jumpstart webinars, free trials)
  • Competitive positioning
  • ROI Justification so they can get the PO signed, proving if they spend $70K on your solution, it will save them $1 million later in example

By answering these questions in a methodical way via email blasting and a nurturing drip, we can speed sales cycles and increase revenue significantly. Offers can also be published on social media as well as keyworded properly to increase organic results and sales via all channels simultaneously.

Offers can be integrated to incorporate all methods of marketing that will work best for your audience. Before beginning, you will be given a detailed written plan with milestones outlined as checkpoints to make sure we are still in synch on your goals and responsive to your customer's needs.